TaeYoung Hong

TYH (TaeYoung Hong) is a Canadian-Korean director/musician currently based in Seoul, South Korea. Her journey as a filmmaker began in 2010 when she first enrolled at the University of Western Ontario to study film theory and comparative literature. There she founded the company Télina Production, collaborating with various artists to create experimental films, focusing on women’s experiences, depression and loneliness, in particular the famous work “Helga”. While attending university, she worked as a videographer for a radio station, filming music videos and doing interviews with local indie artists. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario, she moved to Korea to pursue a master’s degree in comparative literature at Seoul National University to further develop her passion for good writing. While studying at Seoul National University, she created High School, an experimental film that vividly captured the harrowing experience of graduate school in Korea. The film received special recognition and an award at the Student Film Festival held at Seoul National University.