Jeffrey Moser

Jeffrey Moser was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and received his BA in Philosophy from Millersville University and his MFA from the University of Delaware. He has taught photography, visual literacy and culture, and interactive design in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Nebraska and is currently an Assistant Professor and coordinator of the Game Design and Interactive Media program at West Virginia University.

Moser’s video work has been screened at dozens of international film festivals, His video work has most recently been screened at CURRENTS New Media (Santa Fe, NM), San Francisco Frozen Film Festival (CA), Vagrant Film Festival (touring in Eastern Europe), Hallucinea Film Festival (Paris), Luleå International Film Festival (Sweden), G Underground Film Festival (Australia), SoCal Film Awards (US), New York Short Film Tuesdays (NY), Screen Culture International Film Festival (London), SHORT to the Point (Romania), International Film Festival Akrobat (Saint-Petersburg), South Film and Arts Academy Festival (Chile), and in the 32nd Black Maria Film Festival (US).

Moser’s research into the history and theory of moving images includes the creation of visual databases of light rhythm and color sequence in films, television, video games, and music videos. The databases contain over 7,000 entries which display every frame of a video simultaneously, creating a colored timeline of the film, video game, or music video. Hosted on the WVU Research Repository, the database is accessed by academic researchers, artists, filmmakers, gamers, and film buffs from around the world, totaling over 100,000 downloads.