About Us

a platform for independent filmmakers of experimentalism and arthouse

Cinema Insurrection, an organization created by lovers of abstract photography that has, are was equally passionated about arthouse and have created the intersection of cinema and innovation that makes this community unique.

The main focus is organizing cultural hybrid events aimed at the development and dissemination of film art house gendre.

Since 2020, we participated in organizing film screaning of art house and feature short film, such as “Listapad” festival of independent film. We have also collaborated with animation studios such as the Oblako studio, ChinUp, and Belarusfilm.

Since 2023 the community began to expand, inviting more directors and filmmakers from all over the world. We publish a newsletter dedicated to the biographies and Our collection features unique, stylish, experimental short films from US, UK Australia and ect country filmmakers.

Our mission (and passion) is to travel around the world to popularize and share the extraordinary genre of cinema with you. Cinema Insurrection

Now We Do

We support and encourage a variety of styles so that each member can find their place in our community. We invite you to be part of this process. You can upload and share your short experimental projects and other creative ideas. We partner with our platform members. This is a great opportunity to expand your circle of contacts, exchange experiences and create impressive projects together.

Cinema Insurrection is an international community of independent and experimental filmmakers. . We offer our services to both film studios and individual artists, but our main task is the distribution of experimental cinema, developing this type of art.

Our team includes some of the most creative directors from around the world, sharing their unique perspective and style of visual storytelling. We collaborate with our clients to create custom work that meets their specific needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and get started on your next art project.


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